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Review: Sadie

Book review:

Title: Sadie Age category: YA Genre: Contemporary (Dark. Gritty. Raw.) Author: Courtney Summers

STARS: *****

Review first appeared on my goodreads page. This book KILLED. ME. (In a good way).The author did a wonderful job of pulling me into the story from page one. IT was a deep, gritty book that dealt with a subject that is difficult to broach in a way that feels raw, without feeling as if it is using pain for profit, nor did it feel gratuitous in its violence or ugliness--it felt real. The book SADIE does this perfectly and does it in a way that is appropriate for teen audiences. I would be comfortable letting my almost fourteen year old read this book and then discussing it with him afterwards.There is a double narrative that follows one characters journey to get revenge for her sister's death. The plotting is superb. Because of the subject--I did have to set it down a time or two to digest the story, but at the same time, I couldn't turn the page fast enough. It will have a place on my favorites shelf, but it isn't one that I can pick up and re-read time after time. (Again- not because it isn't good. It is great. But because the subject is dark). WIthout giving away spoilers, I will say that at first I wanted more fromt the ending, but after a few days of thinking about it (bc you will think about this book longer after you have finished it) I think the ending was definitely the "right" one. Five stars.

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