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Top 3 Reads of 2018

Hi guys! This guest post is brought to you by SFF author Megan Lynch. You can find her books (Children of the Uprising Trilogy) on Amazon and everywhere else books are sold.


When I write, I am firmly planted inside Camp Science Fiction/Fantasy.

But when I read? I’m a fangirl of literally every genre in the world—historical fiction, thrillers, horror, literary fiction, romcoms, and nonfiction—and every one has a special place in my heart and on my bookshelf. My top five books of 2018 are pretty eclectic, but each was a fantastic story masterfully told.

A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

by Mackenzi Lee

Monty, a wealthy society teen and bisexual Don Juan of the mid eighteenth century, embarks on a tour of the continent with his sister and best friend—whom he secretly loves. But when his reckless behavior crosses the line, the little group of teenagers find themselves hunted by one of the most powerful men in Europe.

Reading historical fiction always reminds me that people face the same struggles, joys, and heartaches across the span of time, but there’s something special about this book. The voice of a rash but passionate teenager against this prim-and-proper backdrop is simply irresistible.

See All the Stars

by Kit Frick

The mystery in this YA thriller lies between “Then” and “Now.” Told in a dual-timeline narrative, Ellory jumps between telling the story of last year, when she and her three friends were inseparable and romance blossomed in the lazy summer days, and this year, when she’s forced to navigate her senior year after a two-month suspension and no friends at all.

As someone who only dabbles in thrillers, the twist at the end got me. Okay, maybe it did more than just surprise me—you could say that I yelled a bit. And had to get up and walk around. And fine, maybe I was just a little bit sweaty too, okay? The twist was good, really good, and you’ll enjoy it, too. Just make sure you take some deep breaths as you read.

Let’s Talk About Love

By: Claire Kann

A RomCom with a twist! Alice doesn’t want much in life: just a good TV show to watch, friends to watch it with, and someone special to love her. But when she confesses to her girlfriend that she’s asexual, she dumps her, leaving Alice to question if anyone will truly understand. But Takumi, her new library coworker, breaks her heart’s barricade and forces her to wonder what it’d be like to date him. To do that, she’ll have to tell him her sexual orientation, which means she’ll have to truly accept it for herself, and take a chance that he will, too.

There isn’t a lot of asexual representation in literature, but that’s slowly changing. Alice’s story wasn’t just a joyful reading experience, it was educational and gives an insight into a unique human experience.

What were your top three books of 2018?

About Megan Lynch:

Megan Lynch is the author of the Children of the Uprising trilogy (Unregistered, Unafraid, and Undone). She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and two children and enjoys reading books, drinking coffee, and especially doing both at the same time.

Visit her online: Goodreads Facebook Twitter Amazon

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