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February. 2019 Now Feels Real.

February Reading List:

My Sweet Audrina by VC Andrews: This one was picked by my friend for our bookclub. She said she wanted to shake things up and picked the most "out there" book she could find. lol She had never heard of Flowers in the Attic or ole VC Andrews. I haven't started this one yet but it should make for interesting book club

I have in my inbox, an early copy (not even an ARC yet, y'all. I feel so so lucky!) of Throw Away Girls by my Pitchwars friend Andrea Contos. This book is going to be amazing. I am not sure what I can share or not share yet, but trust me, I will not by shutting up about this book. More to come as soon as I know if I am allowed to chat about it. In the meantime- the title is on goodreads and you should add it to support Andrea. Or click her name (above) to be taken to her author facebook page and give it a like!

The Wicked King by Holly Black. Y'all... I don't know if I will have time for three books this month but man do I hope I do! I adored the The Cruel Prince, and basically everything else from Holly Black. If you don't read a lot of fantasy, you may still be familiar with Holly Black's work. The 2008 kid's movie, The Spiderwick Chronicles, was based on a bestselling novel written by Ms Black. Her writing resume is impressive to say the least, and everything I have read that she has written, I have loved. If i don't have time to get to this one in February, it will be at the top of my list in March, and will have a full review on goodreads.

What I've Been Up To:

I have been busy preparing for the release of THESE HOLLOW HEARTS (go add it on goodreads, or join my facebook group to request an ARC!). The three stories in this book are so much fun. The women are unapologetically not-so-nice and the magic is a little over the top. I would love to hear who your favorite sister is in the Murphey trio.

I haven't gotten started on anything new in a while, though I have sat something down to let it brew in my mind a little more before putting pen to paper (or finger to key). I feel like I am almost at that good starting point though. Some ideas just take longer to cook, I guess. And this one...this one is going to be great.

I have been hard-core Momming lately. We moved into our new house, so it has been a whirlwind of getting the kids and doggies settled in, but I think we are almost there! My German Shepherd, Gryff, who has always been terrified of water, has decided that not only does he love water but would like to be an olympic swimmer. And an escape artist. So we have been trying different ways to keep him contained. The latest has seems to be successful, thank goodness.

We have been adopted by a cat who the boys have named Diego. This is really the coolest, most chill, cat ever. Even his mew seems to say that he just cannot be bothered with your drama. He sets on top of the storage shed and stares lazily down at the puppies with a look of mild disdain. I like him a lot.

It has been a pretty chill month so far without a lot of exciting news, but sometimes you need months like this, and I am taking full advantage of this laid back kind of happiness.

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