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Happy Cover Reveal Day to Dea Poirier!

One of the coolest things about being an author is going to bookshops and seeing your friends' books lining the shelves. I shamelessly name drop (just to my husband so it's okay...I guess) whenever we are in Barnes & Noble or my local indie book shop (shout out to the Conundrum Book Shop in St. Francisville).

"I know her" I'll say, running my fingers along the glossy spines. "I read the ARC for this book." Or sometimes, "I got a sneak peek at this cover." I am aware that I sound obnoxious--but it feels awesome to share in my friends' accomplishments, even in this small way.

I cannot wait to see my good friend Dea Poirier's debut novel in stores. When I first became a writer, Dea was one of the first authors I met. She has a sense of humor as warped as my own, so we instantly hit it off. Today is the day I can finally share the beautiful cover of her debut novel, THE NEXT GIRL TO DIE. Trust me, this is one you will want to pre-order.

Solving the case will avenge her sister--unless the killer finds her first!

It's been fifteen years since Claire Calderwood's sister, Rachel, was brutally murdered in their small hometown in Maine. Claire has finally carved out a life for herself as a homicide detective in Detroit, but the past comes calling when the police hack home ask for help with a murder eerily similar to Rachel's.

Still haunted by Rachel's cold case, Claire returns home and hopes to solve the crime and finally put her grief to rest. As she investigates, the last thing she needs is tenacious journalist, Noah Washington asking questions she's not ready to answer. But like her, Noah won't give up until he finds the truth--and Claire reluctantly finds herself leaning on him more and more when disturbing details about Rachel's death come to light.

When the killer strikes once again, Claire knows he's not done. Now he's set his sights on Claire, who will have to find the courage she needs to survive a deadly confrontation years in the making.

NEXT GIRL TO DIE is set to release in May 1, 2019, and you can pre-order your copy from amazon by clicking HERE.

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