• Em Shotwell

Ink. Skin. Revenge.

THIS HOLLOW HEART, picks up where THESE ROOTS RUN DEEP left off--this time from Marchland's POV. We get to see what happens when you fill a hollow heart with something dark. Something ugly. Can Marchland rise above her impulses and the curse placed on her family?

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New Orleans witch-turned-tattoo artist, Marchland Murphey's bad luck with men has led her to swear off love for good. When mysterious client, Chase Kimberley insists she go out with him, she says no, but soon finds herself tumbling into his bed. At first things are great, and Marchland thinks Chase could be the one to turn her bad luck around. Until Chase's pregnant wife shows up demanding an explanation. The women compare notes, and with the help of Marchland's magic conspire to teach Chase a lesson he won't soon forget. But Magic has a mind of its own, and while Marchland struggles to deal with the consequences of a spell-gone-bad, she could miss out on the possibility of a good thing with favorite client, sweet single-dad, Samuel White.

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