• Em Shotwell

A broken-hearted fiance, a spell gone wrong, and a heaping dose of come-uppance.

When Cheyanne Murphey finds out her fiance, real-estate mogul Brett Alexandre, may be cheating on her, she does what any witch's granddaughter would do: she uses all of her power to make him stay. Unfortunately for Cheyanne, there are always consequences for impure magic.

The Murphey family line has been cursed. This means that the magic that should require one witch, now requires three, and for every spell cast an hour is taken from the end of the witch's life. For Cheyanne, the risk is worth the would-be reward. But when her impatience gets the better of her, her magic takes a turn for the worst, leaving her--and Brett--changed forever.

Pre-order your copy of MAGIC SPARK, and read THESE ROOTS RUN DEEP.


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