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So Many Things

Do you ever feel like you are doing everything you can just to keep your head above water? That is where I am right now. Granted--it is all good things so I am not complaining, but it is still a lot.

FORGET ME NOT launches this month. The paperback is out on August 8th and the ebook is out on August 22nd. I am thrilled with this novella in my Blackbird Series, and am donating all of my royalties to Operation Homefront (a really great charity that helps military families, vets, and returning soldiers).

I am also beyond thrilled that I am having not one but two book launches. The first is on August 8th at The Conundrum book shop in St. Francisville La, and the other is at my local library. When my debut came out, I really didn't have a clue as to what I was doing. This go around, I have people in my corner and I have to say it feels nice (shout out to everyone that hangs out in Myrtle's Diner on facebook! )

With the book launches, I have to decide what exactly it is I am going to do, as well as make goody bags. Thankfully I have a very creative little sister and a very helpful Mama. My sister helped me brainstorm on what to include in the bags (stay tuned for all the coolness) and my mama is going to come over this weekend and help me assemble everything. When we are being crafty I will make sure and do a quick post with pics of what all we are putting in the bags and why I need help.

I am also hard at work on edits for my novella series (releasing from Pen & Kink press....guys--I promise my story isn't kinky, lol). I cannot wait for you to meet the Murphey sisters. Descended from a line of Irish witches with a history of wayward magic, these three sisters are just trying to figure out where they fit in. They are each as different as night and day and they each get to tell their own story. The first one is titled, THESE ROOTS RUN DEEP, and trust me, you aren't going to want to miss this! Included in the anthology are stories from author Sara Dobie Bauer and Wendy Sparrow. It is sure to be a lot of fun. I will keep you updated.

I have entered Pitch Wars. For those of you who aren't familiar, Pitch Wars is a HUGE writing contest where a fledgling writer (or in many cases, including mine, an author with a book or two out but wanting to move further in their writing and career) is paired with a mentor, that is, someone who has been around the block. Typically the mentors have literary agents, or a book deal, or may be killing it on the indie market. Mentors come in all shapes and sizes and backgrounds. I entered the contest with my Women's Fiction novel. I am hoping that I am picked to be a part of the contest because I really hope to work with one of the lovely mentors to make the book shine. This book has a piece of my heart and I really want to share it with you guys. Fingers crossed...

My editor has the next in series Blackbird book. We haven't decided on a title yet--but I have an idea... As you know this book takes place one year after the events in Blackbird Summer and is told from Delia's point of view. I wrote this story fast because Delia wouldn't shut up in my head, lol. I cannot wait to get editor's notes back and get to work on it bc I am so eager to share it.

I am outlining the third book in the series and trying to decide whose story I would like to tell in novella that I plan to release between each book. Right now, I am thinking the novella will be about Jenny Somersby when she is at college at LSU. I don't know. That could change. Is there a character who you feel should get their own novella? Sometimes I think Jack... I guess we will see what happens.

I have a cozy mystery outlined, but for now it is on the back burner, along with another Women's Fiction that I have outlined and notes for a lovable-female-serial-killer story that came to me on my last New Orleans trip over probably too-many cocktails at Cafe Adelaide's happy hour.

So many ideas. So little time.

So much imagination. So little follow through.

Check back to get the FORGET ME NOT official playlist as well as to see what is going in the goody bags at the launch. One reader will win a goody bag full of..well...goodies.

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