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When things happen, they happen fast...

June has brought quite a bit of news to this author.

The project of my heart, FORGET ME NOT, is on preorder (all proceeds are benefiting Operation Homefront). If you keep up with me on social media (and you should. I can be witty...okay maybe not witty, but I do tend to give away free books on a monthly basis, so there is that) then you have probably seen the cover and read the blurb. You may also know that it is available on Amazon as well as other retailers. But did you know that this book stemmed from a project I did in 2015 when I had to write a love letter from one character to another? I thought that I would write from Tallulah to Logan (the main characters in Blackbird Summer), but neither of them felt like the love letter type. In my mind, Rex Somersby (Tallulah's grandpa) was a hopeless romantic. I wrote the letter (which is now included in the book) and from that came their entire story. I didn't know if my publisher would be interested, but I knew I had to write it. Luckily, the early reviews are positive.

Because the FORGET ME NOT deals lightly with PTSD, I decided that I wanted to

donate my royalties to a military charity. Well, I chose a one, and people let me know real quick that I needed chose wrong. So I chose again. The second time, I really did my homework and found Operation Homefront. Their record is stellar and they help in many ways. I shot them a quick email, thinking that I probably wouldn't hear back (such is the case when dealing with larger organizations, much of the time). They contacted me by phone that same week and now everything is official. (There is paperwork to prove it. )

I was recently contacted by the editor of the magazine, WOMEN WRITERS. WOMEN BOOKS. She asked if I would be interested in contributing an essay to the magazine. WOULD I? Heck yes, I would! The result was 900 words on the topic of Everyday Magic (entitled, you guessed it: Everyday Magic). I have to say, I usually get a little nervous when writing guest columns for blogs or online magazines. I mean, you read my blog. You know that this isn't exactly poetry I am typing. However, EVERYDAY MAGIC was the best kind of writing. The kind that flows from your fingers without too much work. I have to say, I am pretty dang proud. When it goes live I will be sure to share the link. (If you want to poke around the magazine in the meantime, click here.)

The latest tid-bit of news (and people in my book group on facebook new this for a while now) is that I will release THREE delightfully dark, witchy stories in 2018. They will each be featured in an anthology with authors Sara Dobie Bauer and Wendy Sparrow. My first story is titled THESE ROOTS RUN DEEP.

I love writing sisters (as you probably know). Well, you've met the Caibre sisters. Then you met the Cadeau sisters. Now let me introduce you to the Murphey sisters. Three women with an interesting lineage and pension for getting in trouble. These stories are a little darker than Blackbird and definitely grittier than Forget Me Not (which, to be fair, was kind of a sweet love story). I really like them and I hope you will, too. You can read my short blurb below:

Just in case you are having trouble reading, it says:

Spitfire New Orleans weather girl, Cheyanne Murphey has everything, and that is exactly how she likes it. When she discovers evidence of her fiance's philandering, she refuses to let her perfectly cultivated image fall to pieces. Cheyanne has worked too hard, dragging herself up from the trailer park to New Orleans' societ, to give in without a fight...even if that means trading a year of her life in exchange for a love incantation from her ancestor's spell book.

A skyclad, moonlit dance, a mysterious potion, and magic gone awry leave Cheyanne with a very peculiar life lesson: Love can take on many forms, so be careful what you wish for.

Have you heard about forget me not???

Maybe dating the good guy, isn’t so bad. When Rex Somersby’s family matchmaker sets him up with the famous Evelyn Cadeau, he can’t believe his luck. Evelyn is the woman with the perfect Gift—the woman every man wants—while Rex’s own magical ability leaves much to be desired. He travels from Missouri to meet his dream girl in her rural Mississippi home, where Evelyn makes it clear that winning her heart won’t be an easy task. Good thing farm-boy Rex has never been afraid of a little hard work. Evelyn Cadeau is used to getting her way. As the woman with the most powerful Gift, she knows she can have her pick of anyone she wants. And who she wants is slick, handsome, and off-limits Guy McCallister—not gawky, buttoned-up Rex Somersby. Yet, after an arranged date with Rex takes a dramatic turn, leading to a bottle of wine and sneaking to the creek for a late night skinny dip, she realizes there may be more to by-the-rules Rex than meets the eye. Just as the young couple start to think their family’s tradition of matchmaking isn’t quite so backward, Rex is drafted to Vietnam. With war threatening to tear them apart, will love be able to save them? Or will it take a bit of magic?

Pre-Order your copy ebook copy from Amazon

Pre-Order your paperback wherever books are sold! <3 (And remember, all proceeds benefit a worthy cause!)

Want to read a FREE chapter of BLACKBIRD SUMMER? Click here to claim your preview!

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