• Monica Hoffman

Why Science Fiction?

Guest Post by YA Sci/Fi Author Monica Hoffman

I have two loves when it comes to books. I love science fiction and fantasy. Each genre for different reasons. In fantasy, you can for the most part forget about rules in world building (for example the structure of magic or create strange creatures with extraordinary powers/abilities with little oversight). Anything can happen.

However in science fiction, despite the vast and creative worlds you can explore, or the crazy out of the box innovations one can come up with, there are a set of rules you must follow. For that reason, I enjoy sci-fi a smidge more than fantasy. Why? The strange and unusual can be just beyond my reach within science fiction. Ideals made real when put on the page. An amazing invention could be on the cusp of discovery in reality, but true within a book. Reading a space opera or even a near-future story, the excitement takes over just thinking maybe someday we may find a way to travel through space using warp travel. Perhaps we will find that cure for cancer or chronic illnesses or even fix problems before a baby is even born. One day we will create androids to help with our daily chores. And time travel isn't something we dream about anymore. In science fiction, the possibilities are endless, yet the rules must still be followed. When I read or even write within the genre, I can't ignore the guidelines of science or what is probable when technology has caught up.

There's no doubt in my mind, one day the impossible will be possible. Right now, I'm content with reading and writing it and allowing my mind race off to distant planets, fight aliens, or even dream about the perfect android.

Monica M. Hoffman is a Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy author represented by Laurie McLean and Tricia Skinner of Fuse Literary. She is an active member of SCBWI and the writing community. She dislikes getting up early, but a good cup of coffee can usually motivate her. She enjoys any movie/book (particularly fantasy and Sci-fi) that can make her cry, laugh, or gets her blood pumping from an adrenaline rush. She’s a Trekkie, Dr. Who, and Star Wars fanatic, and a PC gamer when she’s not writing or reading. You can find her tweets about all things YA lit & entertaining GIFs on Twitter (@mmhoffman14) and Facebook.

Visit her online by clicking here!

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