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Just A Little Update

So it has been a little while since I have actually posted on my own blog. Good thing I have talented friends who love to do guest posts.

The novella, tentatively titled "Forget Me Not (Love Me Always)" is with critique partners and beta readers. This is the story of Evelyn and Rex, Tallulah's grandparents in Blackbird Summer. You may remember that Evelyn's Gift is Vigour, and Rex's is the Gift of Yesterday--meaning he remembers...everything. Everything he experiences lives with him in his mind as if it just happened. It could drive the average person mad. But Rex Somersby is anything but average.

The novella is set in the late 1960s during the height of the Vietnam war. I cannot wait to share it with you guys. I loved the research. The music, the clothes, the slang--it was all really fun. Researching the war and draft lottery was sombering. I listened to podcast and did a lot of reading--including blogs and personal accounts. I admit, there were tears in my eyes on more than one occasion.

Evelyn DOES have a finally last name and it is very fitting, so a BIG thank you to everyone who left a suggestion on the facebook page! The last name did come from that list. Maybe it was the one you suggested. Who knows? Oh thats right--I do! Anyway, I hope to post the first page on this blog when my editor gives me the go ahead, so check back often.

I am currently editing Worn Out Wishes, my contemporary women's fiction. I am so eager to start the query process again, but I want it to be as close to perfect as it can be before I send it out into the wild. I love the novel, but it has some gritty themes that I had to dig deep to write. I want to do it justice.

I am also currently hard at work on the next book in the Blackbird Summer series. This time we get to see inside of Delia's head, as the story is from her first person point of view. She is so, so different from Tallulah. It has been interesting to see how she views her family and situation, and to see how she is getting on as a teen mom. I am putting together the playlist for the book, to help spur along my writing.

Finally, I will be signing books and selling both paperbacks and hard covers at the Ole Brook Fest in Brookhaven Mississippi this Saturday. You may remember Brookhaven as the town where Logan worked in Blackbird Summer. If you are in the area, come say hi at booth 93. And don't forget about the contest going on now on my facebook page. A really cute necklace is up for grabs. It is so easy to enter--you just post a pic of your copy of Blackbird Summer. If you pick up a copy at Ole Brook Fest, be sure to snap a pic and post it to the contest for your chance to win.

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