• Danielle DeVor

Why Horror?

Guest Post by Danielle DeVor

There aren’t many things that make us feel these days.

Truly feel. With the news full of shootings, bombings, and floods, reality is truly terrifying. But, how do we deal with it all? That’s why the horror genre is so important.

While supernatural beasties aren’t something we have to worry about, putting yourself mentally in a situation where you must fight for your life trains your brain to learn to adapt to situations that others aren’t prepared for.

A good example: Zombie Apocalypse.

Numerous people run around preparing for the so-called Zombie Apocalypse. They think of ways to grow food and make unique shelters—things modern humans in America haven’t had to think about in hundreds of years. Canning is back in vogue. While the chances of the Zombie Apocalypse are very slim, if a natural disaster happens to hit your town, the Apocalypsers are actually better prepared.

Or, God forbid, you actually encounter a serial killer. If you have already read books about killers and ways people have escaped, wouldn’t that up your chances of getting away?

But, truthfully, none of this has anything to do with why I write horror.

I have always loved the dark, rooted for the monsters in movies, and scared myself way more than anything I saw on a screen. So, what does that say about me? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Check out the cover for Danielle DeVor's upcoming release--the anticipated sequel to Sorrow's Point.

Jimmy Holiday, defrocked priest turned exorcist, is trying to get his life in order. With his on-again off-again witchy girlfriend moving in, the spirit of the little girl from his last exorcism hanging around, and a secret organization of exorcists hounding him, Jimmy is stressed.

When a stranger calls in the middle of the night asking for help with a possession, Jimmy is about to land in a mess of trouble. Especially since the man on the phone claims to have gotten his number from Jimmy's old mentor. Too bad his mentor has been dead for years.

After a mysterious silver flask arrives at his doorstep, Jimmy is left with two options: either ignore the newest enigma the universe has tossed him, or listen to Lucy and travel to Arizona to solve the mystery before all hell breaks loose...again.


About Danielle Devor

Named one of the Examiner’s 2014 Women in Horror: 93 Horror Authors you Need to Read Right Now, Danielle DeVor has been spinning the spider webs, or rather, the keyboard for more frights and oddities. She spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching “Salem’s Lot” way too many times. When not writing and reading about weird things, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino.

Visit her at

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