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Litsy For Readers. (OR Get Your Book-Loving-Butt On Litsy!)

Guest Post by MUD Author E.J. Wenstrom

If you love bookstagram-ming, I’ve got a whole new world for you to explore. It’s called Litsy, and it’s like Instagram and Twitter merged, and then made a club made up ONLY of people who are obsessed with reading.

Getting set up

Like many other newer social networks, Litsy is available on mobile only. If you’re old like me, it might feel awkward at first, but give it a fair shot before writing it off—there’s a lot of great bookish fun to be had.

Once you download the app, you set up an account much like any other network. You know the deal—bio, headshot, etc.

It released for iPhone first, and Android should be following before long. A web version is also reportedly in the works.


Like other networks, you can search Litsy for accounts and for hashtags. The really cool thing about Litsy is that you can also search for a book.

When you pull up a book’s profile, you can explore the book itself with the cover and description. You can “add to stack,” your Litsy to-be-read list, to your “reading” list, or mark it as “read” and rate it.

You can also—my personal favorite—see a stream of all of the posts on the network that tagged this book. Which means if you are reading a book, you can connect diretly with other people all over the world who are geeking out about it at the exact same time as you.

It’s like when you see someone reading a book you love on the subway, but talking to them about it isn’t frowned upon.

So go ahead and do it. And find your favorite authors and other book sites while you’re at it, too! (Also, me: @ejwenstrom).


You cannot post on Litsy without tagging a book, and there are only three post options: Quotes, Reviews and Blurbs. These post types are pretty much what they sound like.

This is extremely limiting, but it adds a lot to the overall quality of the threads on Litsy, because it ensures that every post stays tightly on focus. I kind of hate it, and I kind of love it.

Either way, you get used to it. And once you do, Litsy is a real blast—it’s like book club, whenever you want it.

How to Win Reading

To encourage engagement, Litsy ranks your influence on the network with something called Litfluence. You get points for every post, share and comment.

You also get points for every book you list, which, as one of the world’s most extreme introverts who also likes winning things, I greatly appreciate.

It’s All About Sharing the Book Love

For readers, Litsy is all about sharing that book love. It’s the perfect place to swoon over that perfect line that took your breathe away, show off your latest book buy, or share your thoughts about what you just finished.

In short, there’s a whole reading-obsessed community out there just waiting for you to join the conversation. Go get started!

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