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A New Month, A New Project

Hi Everyone! Thanks for stopping by my woefully neglected blog. I have been having some internet problems that have kept me from posting as frequently as I'd like, but really, we know that is just an excuse. I've never truly been the best blogger. I am going to do better though. Promise. Many people have emailed to ask about the flooding in Louisiana. Almost entire towns have been displaced from the flood waters, but I was lucky enough to no have water in my home. If you'd like to donate to help flood victims, there are some great organizations. I suggest Habitat For Humanity (the Baton Rouge chapter). Speaking of the flood, I will be posting soon about an online auction that me and writer friend Sharon M. Johnston are planning. It will benefit the baton rouge area Habitat For Humanity, as they continue to work towards getting people's homes stripped, gutted, and mold free. So stay tuned for that post.

A New Month, A New Project

I posted on my Facebook page that I am writing in the late 1960s. Writing in the time of short skirts, long hair, and Vietnam is both fun and heartbreaking. This is a story that has been on my mind for quite a while now, and I hope my Blackbird Summer readers won't be disappointed. The novella tells the story of Evelyn and Rex (Tallulah Caibre's Grandma and Papaw). How did the "woman who radiates life itself" and "the man who can't forget" end up together anyway? Of course they were matched (as is the Gifted way) but what else? I can tell you one thing: Spitfire Evelyn did not make it easy on poor farm boy Rex Somersby. And then life was interrupted by the draft lottery... Once I send the story to my editor (and she gives me the go-ahead...hopefully she wants it) I will post some teasers and answer questions. In the meantime- I asked you guys about your favorite songs from the era. Here are a few of the ones you suggested (including the Good Morning Vietnam soundtrack):

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