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Guest Post: Sarah Dobie Bauer: HOW TO WRITE A NOVEL IN 41 DAYS

Hi guys! Em here! A quick word before Sarah's guest post. First I want to say- thanks for baring with me during my tech problems. I have been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to post Sarah's guest post (it is really great as you will soon see). 

We have all read vampire novels. After the first few paranormal super books- they seemed to take over the shelves at Barnes and Noble. They were everywhere, yall, Well- I can say- I have never heard of a paranormal novel like BITE SOMEBODY. I have yet to read it- but it is on my list and I am very much looking forward to it! I adore the idea of an awkward vamp as the MC in a romantic comedy. One that likes the 80s? Even better. Bonus points for a beachy setting. 
All that to say- it has taken me forever to get this post up- but I am sure that once your read it, that you will want to run out and buy BITE SOMEBODY by Sarah Dobie Bauer. 

How to Write a Novel in 41 Days

By Sara Dobie Bauer
How do you write a novel in 41 days? Real answer: I have no idea. But here’s my best guess. See, I wrote a short story years ago called “I Like Your Neck.” It was about an awkward newbie vampire named Celia who falls in love with the smell of her neighbor. I sent the story off to a magazine, and the editor wrote me back. She said the short story was great, but it should really be a novel.

At the time, I was disgruntled, because I’d just given up on a novel, and I really didn’t want to dedicate another six months on several thousand words that would surely suck my energy and soul. I gave it some thought but didn’t take the comment seriously until I mentioned the suggestion to one of my first readers, Dan, who said, “Of course it should be a novel.”

Well, shit.

I started writing Bite Somebody, and I finished the first draft in 41 days. Nobody was as shocked as me. I’d never written a full-length novel so quickly before, which made me wonder: why was this one so easy? In honor of Bite Somebody’s release from World Weaver Press, I offer these ideas on how to write something you love—and write it fast.

1. Love your setting.
I want to live on a beach, but I don’t. I live in Ohio. That said, every April, I meet my Aunt Susie on Longboat Key on the Gulf Coast of Florida. There, we lay on the beach, swim, and drink rum punches. In order to spend more time in Florida, I set Bite Somebody on the fictional locale Admiral Key and therefore got to spend 41 days living on the beach with Celia. Because of her beach habitation, I woke every morning wanting to go back to work—in a way, go back on vacation.

2. Know your song.
Bob Marley’s “Everything’s Gonna Be All Right” is the theme song to Bite Somebody. This might give you some idea as to the tone of my vampire novel. No one’s sultry. There are very few deep thoughts. Plus, Bob Marley is beachy, and in a book involving the beach, a hot ex-surfer, and lots of Mary Jane, no song fit better. Every morning, before I opened Word, I listened to Bob. If I ever felt my attention waning, I listened to Bob. Bob’s music was my anthem, and he kept me focused.

3. Love your lead.
Celia is a recovering fat kid, turned by a male vampire in a drunken stupor due to her red hair. She is obsessed with 80s movies and works at an all-night gas station called “Happy Gas.” She has no self-confidence, and her favorite film is Pretty Woman. Celia falls in love with the scent of her new neighbor, Ian Hasselback, and as she fights for fang control, she’s shocked by his attentions. The Hot Guy has never liked her before, so why now? I wrote Bite Somebody from Celia’s perspective, so I got to think like her for 72,000 words. She says things no one should, and she’s painfully awkward. She’s basically me off medication. How freeing to write all the things I keep to myself! Talk about catharsis.

4. Love your romantic interest.
Ian Hasselback: ex-champion surfer, pothead, computer nerd, and really nice guy. He’s an accurate portrayal of my husband if he’d been hit in the head a lot as a kid. I’m not saying Ian’s dumb; he’s just chill. He’s funny, too, and he finds Celia to be fascinating. Let’s be honest: I have a huge crush on Ian. I think this is key to writing romance. If you don’t love your romantic interest, why should your lead character? Although I loved being inside Celia’s head, I loved being in bed with Ian more.

5. Laugh a lot.
This conclusion is directed to people writing comedy. I don’t want you to laugh a lot if you’re writing, like, Gone with the Wind, Part Deux. The writers of Sex and the City used to sit together in one room and type. They would read each other lines, and if they couldn’t make each other choke on coffee, the scene wasn’t worth it. That’s how it went with Bite Somebody. If I wasn’t making myself giggle, I cut the scene and started over. I’ve never written a book this funny before, and it kept me coming back, no matter my mood, because if I felt down, I’d feel up by the time I had a couple paragraphs under my belt.

6. Know the ending.
I knew the last line before I started page one of Bite Somebody. This sounds dubious, I know, but it’s true. I therefore knew exactly where I had to go, and I looked forward to it with every passing page. Each page led to that final line, and I was excited to reach the end. I always think about Michael Douglas in Wonderboys—how he couldn’t finish his manuscript because he “couldn’t stop.” Know your beginning, middle, and end. That way, you can eventually stop but enjoy the ride to the end of the line.

Bite Somebody is now a real thing, available for you to buy and scrutinize at will. The first draft took 41 days. Getting it published took a lot longer. Still, that first draft was pretty impressive, and you can create your own literary funhouse if you stay focused and follow some simple rules.

About Bite Somebody

“Do you want to be perfect?”

That’s what Danny asked Celia the night he turned her into a vampire. Three months have passed since, and immortality didn’t transform her into the glamorous, sexy vamp she was expecting but left her awkward, lonely, and working at a Florida gas station. On top of that, she’s a giant screw-up of an immortal, because the only blood she consumes is from illegally obtained hospital blood bags.
 What she needs to do—according to her moody vampire friend Imogene—is just … bite somebody. But Celia wants her first bite to be special, and she has yet to meet Mr. Right Bite. Then, Ian moves in next door. His scent creeps through her kitchen wall and makes her nose tingle, but insecure Celia can’t bring herself to meet the guy face-to-face.
 When she finally gets a look at Ian’s cyclist physique, curly black hair, and sun-kissed skin, other parts of Celia tingle, as well. Could he be the first bite she’s been waiting for to complete her vampire transformation? His kisses certainly have a way of making her fangs throb.
 Just when Celia starts to believe Ian may be the fairy tale ending she always wanted, her jerk of a creator returns to town, which spells nothing but trouble for everyone involved.

Where to buy Bite Somebody:

About Sara Dobie Bauer:

Sara Dobie Bauer is a writer, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She spends most days at home in her pajamas as a book nerd and sex-pert for Her short story, “Don’t Ball the Boss,” was nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize, inspired by her shameless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she would really like to live in a Tim Burton film.

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Guest Post: Anna Kyle

Today on the blog I am happy to have writer and friend Anna Kyle.

You may recongize Anna Kyle from previous features on my blog. She writes paranormal romance that I have compared to Patricia Briggs (who I adore). Anna has a story in the forthcoming anthology: ROUGH EDGES. Here is the anthology blurb:

Work hard, play hard, love hard…

Nothing is sexier than someone who knows what they want and has the confidence go after it. This anthology is crammed full of hot romances featuring those kinds of rough-around-the-edges alpha personalities–stories about the kind of men and women who ride horses during the day and their partners at night, who speak few words but mean every one of them, and who would never break their own personal code of honor. We're talking about cowboys... and cowgirls.

This anthology contains seven romances with a Western theme that run the gamut from sweet to sizzling.

Now check out what Anna says about being a writer:

Every writer has encountered the pooh-pooher. You know who I’m talking about. The guy at the party who, upon hearing your are a writer, says he has this great idea and next week he’s off work so he’ll bang that bestseller out. Nod and smile, that’s what I do. What I’d like to do is hand him the writer’s job description:

WANTED: Writer

The world is looking for an organized and motivated writer to entertain, inform, and affect us. Candidate should be able to elicit a wide range of emotions at the stroke of a few keys.

Skills and Abilities:

Must be proficient in a wide range of plot choices and tropes as well as those specialized to the genre you write.

Self motivated, independent and highly-driven to get the words just right is strongly preferred. A dislike of adverb-filled dialogue tags and purple prose is a plus.

Capability to slaughter your darlings mercilessly with minimal tears is required.

·         Maintain extensive knowledge of your characters’ jobs, quirks, personalities, nicknames, clothing preferences, hair and eye colors from two books ago if writing a series
·         If writing romance, ability to keep track of hands is a must. If writing sci-fi, ability to keep track of ship floors, planets, etc. is a must.  If writing fantasy, ability to…you get the picture.
·         Elicit customer satisfaction on the endings – no deus ex machina (no, not the Australian custom bike company - smh) we all know that’s a cop out, cmon, you can and must do better.  If you are going to leave a reader hanging on a cliff, a heads up is essential. You can leave them crying or leave them laughing, just leave them satisfied.

Advanced degree is grammarology is required. They're/their/there are not interchangeable.  Ditto for your/you're.  Those who think otherwise need not apply.
Must be proficient in Word or Scrivener or similar writing program. Long hand scribbling on yellow legal paper is fine but no editor or agent will touch that, so learn it, love it, and BACK UP YOUR WORK.
Must be able to lift 30 pounds of ideas daily and discard 29 pounds nightly without crying…much.
Flexibility to work nights, days, weekends, and on your lunch hour at your day job.
Ability to go days without showering (two or less, please. Think of your family)
Must maintain plentiful stash of coffee, brain food i.e. peanut M&Ms, and a variety of alcoholic beverages on hand during the sprint to deadline. This task can be passed off to family members who may be frightened of you during this time and looking for an escape anyway.
Proven experience leading and implementing a project across multiple locations, meaning extensive travel to coffee shops and libraries with laptop (or yellow legal pads and multiple pens) in tow will be required.

But that moment when the story comes together – bliss. That makes it the best job in the world. Lucky us.


 Anna Kyle wrote her first story at age 12 on an old manual typewriter, and though the technology has changed, she hasn’t stopped since. She lives in the Midwest surrounded by family and friends and dogs and horses. They’ve forgiven her (mostly) when they appear in her stories. She reads everything she can get her hands on, but romances, especially paranormals, are her favorite. Vampires, humans, Fae, shapeshifters, or demons, it doesn’t matter—Anna’s heart goes pitter-pat for the Happily Ever After. Hot heroes + strong, funny heroines = awesome.

Author of the Wolf King series at World Weaver Press and author of Coming Up Roses, a story appearing in Rough Edges.

Twitter: Anna Kyle @SandsOfTime5050

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Omega Rising is a must read for fans of Patrica Briggs. Anna Kyle's characters have the snarky fearlessness of Mercy Thompson (Mercy Thompson series), mixed with the swooney romance of Anna and Charles (Alpha and Omega).- Em Shotwell, author of Blackbird Summer

Kyle’s debut full length novel, OMEGA RISING, is sure to please lovers of Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. I have been told that I give too much away in my reviews—so I will attempt to tell you what I liked about OMEGA RISING without ruining the twists and turns that make this novel so enjoyable.

Main Character: Cass Nolan is a pistol with a big mouth, and an even bigger heart. Cass owns a horse farm which she runs with a staff that have become her surrogate family. Her dissability (she cannot have contact with other people’s skin) and her secret (she is being hunted by a psycho-path) do not get in the way of her day to day life. After years of running (from said psycho path) she feels like she has finally landed somewhere safe.

I liked Cass a lot. She is tough and vulnerable at the same time—something that I don’t see as often as I’d like. She isn’t going to wait to be saved (she will try to save herself, thank you very much) but she isn’t above accepting the help of hero, Nathan Rivers, either.

Love Interest: Aplha werewolf Nathan Rivers has one goal—find the psychotic Omega that killed his brother. A stop over at Cass’s ranch turns into much more when he finds himself inexplicably drawn to the tiny human with the smart mouth. He tries to keep her at arms length, but instead is unable to keep his hands off of her. This suits his inner-wolf just fine, but Nathan knows it will not end well if he cannot keep his head on straight and follow through on the job at hand.

I liked Nathan. He did have to grow on me—but as a reader, I tend to be hard on love interests. If you like reading Alpha-males with hearts of gold, the Nathan Rivers is your guy. Ms. Kyle does a good job of crafting a character that is more than abs and sex appeal. The character has depth, and the scenes from his POV are well written.

Supporting Cast: MY FAVORITE! Cass’s new life includes  an eclectic mix of misfits and oddballs. They each have their own quirks and serve their purpose to the story well (ie- they are not cookie-cutter one-off characters. They feel like the MC’s real friends that belong in the story in their own right.)

Unbeknownst to Cass,  her posse has a secret of their own: they are all “joined” (the term used for weres in the novel). From bobcats to bears, their inner-animals were drawn to the stables, and to Cass. This is a revelation that Cass takes in stride. If I had one complaint with this book, it would be that Cass is a little too laid back about this big reveal. However- there is a reason that mostly explains why. This tiny complaint would in no way stop me from reading this fun, sexy story.

Final thoughts- Omega Rising isn’t a run-of-the-mill shifter romance. Anna Kyle pays special attention to the world she has created and the characters who call it home. Every single character that is pivotal to the story is fleshed out, and the MC, Cass, is not a swooney lump of helpless estrogen. She is girly and sexy in her own way—but tough.  The romance is hot, but the plot is centered on more than just love or sex. I think OMEGA RISING straddles the blurry line between Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance nicely.

Who should read this: Anyone who likes their heroines feisty, their heroes sexy, and their stories juicy.

Where to buy your copy:
Goodreads Page:

*I received a free ARC from publisher in exchange for honest review. 

Back Cover Blurb:

Cass Nolan has been forced to avoid the burn of human touch for her whole life, drawing comfort instead from her dreams of a silver wolf—her protector, her friend. When her stalking nightmares return, her imaginary dead sister’s ghost tells her to run, Cass knows she should listen, but the sinfully hot stranger she just hired to work on her ranch has her mind buzzing with possibilities. Not only does her skin accept Nathan’s touch, it demands it. Cass must make a decision—run again and hope she saves the people who have become her family, or stand and fight. Question is, will it be with Nathan or against him? 

Nathan Rivers’ life is consumed by his quest to find the Omega wolf responsible for killing his brother, but when the trail leads him to Cass and her merry band of shapeshifters, his wolf wants only to claim her for himself. When evidence begins piling up that Cass is the Omega he’s been seeking, things become complicated—especially since someone else wants her dead. Saving her life might mean sacrificing his own, but it may be worth it to save the woman he can’t keep from reaching for.

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Reader Appreciation Raffle

Reader Appreciation Time! Want To Win A Kindle Fire???

Hi Reader People!
Thanks to you, Blackbird Summer is doing great! So great, in fact, that I have decided to do a thank you give-away raffle for the people who have helped the most--you guys, the readers!
During May, you can enter to win a Kindle Fire
There are three ways to enter.

*Everyone on my email list is entered one time.
So you can click RIGHT HERE and sign up for my newsletter! 

*Leave a Review.
After reading Blackbird Summer- leave an honest review on Amazon. Then- screen shot your review and either email it to me (you can send it to blackbirdsummerbook @ gmail. com---without the spaces), or message me on Facebook with the pic! AND JUST TO BE CLEAR- I am not buying reviews. A one or two star review that enters has the same chance at winning as a five star. If you leave your honest review and send me proof--then you are entered to win the Kindle. If you haven't left a review yet- no worries! The drawing isn't until May 30th
And if you haven't read it yet? Well- CLICK RIGHT HERE to get your copy.

*Come to an Event.
There will be a chance to enter at every event where I am hosting or signing. Keep an eye on the events tab on my website (or follow me on twitter) to see if I will be signing somewhere near you--then pop in and say hi! 

RECAP: 3 ways to enter!
*Join the newsletter
*Leave a review (& send me the screen shot)
*Come to an event!

You can do ONE or triple your chances by doing ALL THREE!

As always thanks for your continued support! I hope to have the sequel to you soon!
Find me on Twitter or Facebook and say hello. :-)
HAPPY READING! & May the odds be ever in your favor... (sorry. I just HAD to say it!) 

The fine print:
Drawing held on May 30th. Many will enter and one will win (I feel like there is a good highlander pun I should be using right here). 
The Kindle Fire is the kindle fire 7 inch tablet. I am not responsible for defects or damage during shipping. I will try for one week to contact the winner via social media and email- after a week if the winner doesn't respond they forfeit and  I will draw again. 
This is not an attempt to bribe reviewers. Your honest review is appreciated and what you say in said review does not affect your chances of winning. It is all random via an online tool.

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#RT16: Come See Me on Saturday & Sunday

Come Say Hi!

RT16 has been an absolute BLAST! Not only have I attended some amazing workshops and seminars, but I have met several of my awesome Twitter friends in person for the first time. Monica Hoffman seriously saved my day on the very first morning of the convention, when I was having flashbacks to the first day of a new school. Who says writers are supposed to be introverts? Not only is Monica a super talented writer, but she puts the "fly" in social butterfly (ya see what I did there???).  I was standing in a line to get food (which, ya know, that's kinda what I spend most of my life doing. I like to eat, okay?) and Amanda Heger recognized my Blackbird Summer button. It was super awesome because we follow each other on Instagram. (Her book WITHOUT BORDERS looks amazing, btw. You should order it.)
I was walking with my tray of  food (double order of potstickers, thank you very much. Vegas gives you an appetite) when I heard someone call out, "EM? Em Shotwell?" It was the wonderful Meredith Tate! Meredith was featured in my LOVE LETTER CHALLENGE and her book, MISSING PIECES, is pretty high on my TBR list. So the totally sweet Meredith invited me to sit with her group of RT friends, which is where I met L.H. Nicole who writes YA King Author retellings. (Definitely adding them to my list of must reads...)

I also tried Indian food for the first time with fellow southern-gothic writer Ashley Hearn, Monica Hoffman (yep. I stuck to her like glue that first day, lol. #LifeSaver) and the amazingly talented L.L. McKinney (read about her books here). It was so great talking shop with these ladies. <3 <3

If you have the opportunity to attend RT next year- I can't say this enough: DO IT.

then say hello! I will be signing BLACKBIRD SUMMER tomorrow at the Giant Book Fair and on Sunday at the Reader-Writer-Roundup! I'd love to meet you! :-)

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The Six Friends Every Writer Needs

Someone once said that writing a short story is a love affair, but writing a book is a marriage. I agree, but what they didn’t say, is that the marriage is completely dysfunctional.

A novel is a greedy spouse, demanding your free time and to always be put first. You become obsessive, thinking about the novel and how you can make it better. You blow off exercise and drink an obscene amount of caffeine, just to stay focused on your book. You fear the rejection that is inevitable (hello query letters), and before you know it, you are a crazy person, babbling to yourself about characters and plot holes. You have no idea who is president or about the newest dance craze, or even when you last showered.

Okay. Maybe that is a little dramatic. Maybe.
Creating people who kill each other in a fake world with its own rules, can be draining. (Not to say it isn’t also very rewarding and kind of fun…but definitely draining).

But fear not! You don’t have to be destined to end up in a sadistic marriage with the written word. With the support of like-minded (and sometimes opposite-minded) friends, you can marry your book and hold on to your sanity. Surrounding yourself with these six friends will keep you happy and healthy…at least for now.

The Mentor
The mentor is the friend who gives you hope. They are often your rock, offering advice and suggestions. This friend is a few (or more) steps ahead of you in their writing career. They are a fount of knowledge, and their brain is yours for the picking. Learn from their mistakes, and ask them all the questions you’d feel dumb asking anyone else.

They won’t mind, because they have been there. They understand.

The Comrade
If you were running a 5k, this is the friend who would be trudging along, keeping pace next to you. This doesn’t mean that you are necessarily in the exact same boat all of the time (You may be revising, while they may be querying, etc.), only that you began your writing journey about the same time. You and the comrade celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and commiserate over form rejections.

This person UNDERSTANDS, because they are there, too.

The Spaz
The spaz may or may not also be a writer. They are that friend who is seriously super excited for you. They share your Facebook posts, comment on your blog entries, and retweet your pitch party tweets. They offer a great boost of confidence because they truly want you to succeed.

The “Rule of Spaz” states “to have a spaz, you must also be someone else’s spaz.” See? It’s a rule. I didn’t make it up. So go be happy for someone and spaz out a little.

The Pleasure Reader
I know what you are thinking—if you have writer friends then, DUH, they read.
But this friend, the pleasure-reader, is different. They have no desire to be a writer. They love a good story and often have their nose in a book, not reading critically, but instead for pure joy.
The pleasure-reader—unlike the comrade—doesn’t want to talk about plot devices or tropes. They may not can tell you how to fix that problem in Chapter 9, but rest assured they read enough to know that there definitely IS a problem.
The pleasure-reader has most in common with your audience, and is a valuable resource—especially if they are open to perusing your pages.
Just don’t get mad when they tell you they hated Chapter 9…but aren’t exactly sure why.

The Non-Reader
A writer with a friend who doesn’t read? Is it possible?
Yes. Not only is it possible, but it is important for your sanity. The non-reader will force you get your head out of your story and think about something else.

The non-reader doesn’t care about your word count. Their eyes glaze over when you gush over your characters, and they couldn’t care less about comp titles. The non-reader doesn’t get your dorky literary jokes and will call you out when you sound like a douche. (Example-Hey, we are all glad you came to this party—but nobody wants to hear about who is going to assassinate good King Brickadeer or if you should give him blond hair or black hair. Drink this glass of wine and shut up.)

Your Non-Reader friend will drag you into the land of the living for yoga, or lunch, or anything, ANYTHING but your WIP. They aren’t rude—they are happy you are doing what you love—but one thing is for certain: They aren’t reading what you’re writing.
And that’s more than okay.

The Mentee
Cue that Elton John song and someone hold up a baby lion, because we have come full circle. (You know, like the circle of life? Yeah. It’s a stretch, I know.)
While it is important to have a mentor, it is also important to BE a mentor.
Befriend a Newb. (You remember how intimidated you were by everyone who seemed to know what they were doing?) Once you start talking to someone just starting out on this crazy writing-dream, you will realize how much info you have collected in the back of that big ole brain of yours.
You shouldn’t have a mentee-friend only because it is the nice thing to do (but you should and it is) but also because you will get better by helping them get better. Sure, reading your mentee’s first attempt at a query letter will remind you how far you’ve come, but helping them to tighten their writing will also make you aware of your own wordiness.

Plus- you know you are dying to explain the finer points of pitching, (something your own mentor taught you).


Em Shotwell is the author of Blackbird Summer (City Owl Press, 2016). She lives in South Louisiana with a husband who spoils her and two mini-superheroes who call her mom. Em thinks the most interesting characters are the ones who live on the sidelines, and that small towns often hide the biggest secrets. She is inspired by tall tales and local legends.
When she’s not writing about misfits and oddballs, Em enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, or hanging out inside, daydreaming and wishing she could play the banjo. 

Buy your copy of Blackbird Summer right here!

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Cover Reveal: Bite Somebody by: Sara Dobie Bauer

I am so excited to bring you the cover for author Sara Dobie Bauer's novel, BITE SOMEBODY. Ms. Bauer participated in the Love Letter Challenge on this blog in February,  and we got to see a sneak peak of her MC. Just to jog your memory--she was hilarious! I loved the snarky humor. It was a fresh take on the vampire-romance genre.  To celebrate her cover reveal, Sara Dobie Bauer is hosting a give-away over on Goodreads. You should go join. Now. Right now. Go ahead. I'll wait here.

Okay. You back? Did you join the give away? Good! Now, I also have to say- I LOVE THIS COVER.

Wanna see? Sure you do!

Wanna know more about this lovely book? Yes. Yes, you do.Check out the official blurb below and then add this book to your TBR list pronto! 

“Do you want to be perfect?” 
That’s what Danny asked Celia the night he turned her into a vampire. Three months have passed since, and immortality didn’t transform her into the glamorous, sexy vamp she was expecting, but left her awkward, lonely, and working at a Florida gas station. On top of that, she’s a giant screw-up of an immortal, because the only blood she consumes is from illegally obtained hospital blood bags. What she needs to do—according to her moody vampire friend Imogene—is just … bite somebody. But Celia wants her first bite to be special, and she has yet to meet Mr. Right Bite. 

Then, Ian moves in next door. His scent creeps through her kitchen wall and makes her nose tingle, but insecure Celia can’t bring herself to meet the guy face-to-face. When she finally gets a look at Ian’s cyclist physique, curly black hair, and sun-kissed skin, other parts of Celia tingle, as well. Could he be the first bite she’s been waiting for to complete her vampire transformation? His kisses certainly have a way of making her fangs throb. Just when Celia starts to believe Ian may be the fairy tale ending she always wanted, her jerk of a creator returns to town, which spells nothing but trouble for everyone involved. 

Bite Somebody will be available in trade paperback and ebook via,, World Weaver Press, and other online retailers, and for wholesale through Ingram.

Sara Dobie Bauer is a writer, model, and mental health advocate with a creative writing degree from Ohio University. She spends most days at home in her pajamas as a book nerd and sex-pert for Her short story, “Don’t Ball the Boss,” was nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize, inspired by her shameless crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. She lives with her hottie husband and two precious pups in Northeast Ohio, although she would really like to live in a Tim Burton film. She is also the author of Wolf Among Sheep, Life without Harry, and Forever Dead. 

Read more at or find her on Twitter @SaraDobie.

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Today on the blog, I am spotlighting a book from a genre that I have never spotlighted before: WESTERN. More specifically: Western Romance!
Check out this amazing debut from author Rebecca Lovell!

The Detective's Brother By: Rebecca Lovell

When tragedy befalls the only female detective in the Blackthorn Agency, it falls to Simon Creed to fulfill her dying wish of finding her half-brother, Quinn Donahue. Upon learning his whereabouts in the mountains of Colorado, Creed invites him to Texas to claim his sister's estate.

Quinn Donahue isn't a man at all, much to Simon's chagrin. But, she is able to convince him to let her fill her sister’s shoes at the agency.

It doesn’t take long for Creed to discover Quinn's secret, but she has a long way to go before she discovers his. Taking a bullet to save Creed's life makes the two acknowledge the feelings each has for the other, but can they solve the mystery of who is trying to kill Creed before they are torn apart forever?

Get your copy today:

About Rebecca Lovell
Rebecca Lovell was born and raised in Fort Worth Texas, and has loved learning about its history since she first visited the Stockyards. She has been writing since she was a teenager, and is living proof of the fact that anyone’s writing can improve if they practice hard enough. Historical fiction is one of her favorite genres to read as well as write because she loves learning about new culture and eras, especially ones that she hasn’t read before.

Though she traveled the country extensively, she currently lives in Texas with her high school sweetheart husband and a number of vocal and pushy cats.
Rebecca is currently hard at work on her next historical Western novel, Framed, and a short contemporary romance whose title eludes her.

Visit Rebecca Lovell online:

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New Book: LEAVE A MARK by: Stephanie Fournet

Leave a Mark by Stephanie Fournet | Excerpt Blitz |
Hi guys! 
There isn't much that I like more than supporting other authors. Bonus points if they are local! I am proud to bring you an excerpt and release day info on Lafayette Louisiana native, Stephanie Fournet's newest Contemporary Romance, LEAVE A MARK. Enjoy the excerpt and teaser photos, & don't forget to check out the give-away at the bottom of the page!  

Leave a Mark by Stephanie Fournet | 

LEAVE A MARK by Stephanie Fournet 
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing 
Release Date: April 28, 2016
Dyed, pierced, and covered in tattoos, Wren Blanchard is the exact opposite of everything Dr. Lee Hawthorne thought he wanted. His residency is almost finished. With the perfect job, the beautiful house, and the polished girlfriend, he knows he should be happy, yet he isn't. But once Wren lands in his ER with her sharp tongue and artist’s soul, she leaves a mark on him that just won’t fade. Wren knows the good doctor is way out of her league. To people like him, she's a circus freak. Besides, she's not the type to get hung up on guys, especially ones with midnight blue eyes—ones who know all about antiques, crack bad jokes, and love Joss Whedon. No. She doesn't need that. After all, she has friends, a psychotic cat, and a promising career as one of the best tattoo artists in town. And it’s enough. Really, it is. Or it would be if Lee weren’t there every time she turned around. One kiss seals their fate. Their attraction is undeniable--but Wren’s past is full of ghosts. Is their bond strong enough for a solid future? Or will their new relationship crumble beneath the weight of all she carries? Goodreads

Excerpt from Leave a Mark

She studied him for a moment. “Are you still in your residency?” The question surprised him. “Yes. Is it that obvious?” Her startled laughter was the only answer he needed. And Lee wanted to hear it again — even if she laughed at him. “I mean, I’m licensed. It’s not like I just have my learner’s permit or anything.” It was a bad joke. An awful joke, but it worked because she kept laughing. Her laughter was a mix of high and low notes, like a handbell choir. And like music, he could feel it in his chest. “That’s not what I meant,” she said, her smile untamed. “You just look really young, and I’ve heard that residents have — like — negative time.” He gave her a helpless grin. “Negative time. That’s about right. Who told you that?” Her smile demurred. “One of my clients.” “One of your clients is a resident?” His curiosity pounced. Did he know someone who was secretly covered in Wren’s work? “Who?” She shook her head, but her smile never failed. “I don’t tat and tell. Tattooing is very personal. If someone wants you to see their work, you’ll see it. But I don’t talk about my clients.” Even though he was the one asking, Lee liked that she wouldn’t answer. “You don’t talk about them at all?” Wren raised and dropped her right shoulder in a half shrug, but she still smiled at him. “Well, I don’t identify them.” Her voice softened, but Lee thought he heard a touch of pride. “I’ll talk about the artwork, or I’ll retell a funny story someone told me while I worked on them, but I don’t go around talking about who was in my parlor.” “That’s cool,” he managed, even though it was more than cool. After seeing her artwork on the walls of her apartment, he already respected her as a professional, but she clearly had integrity on top of talent. He wanted to know more, but more than anything, Lee wanted her to keep talking. “What kind of tats did you do today?” Her smile grew, and again her cheeks colored. He found his eye drawn to the translucent skin below her cheekbones. Wren’s fair complexion was an alluring contrast to her black and blue hair, but when she blushed, Lee found it impossible to look away. “Well, let’s see…” Her green eyes swiveled to the ceiling as she recounted. “I did a fleur-de-lis for this girl who turned eighteen today. I inked a Captain America shield on this guy’s bicep—” Lee laughed, not so much about the tattoo choice, but at the look of amusement in her eyes. “Yeah, he was definitely an Avengers fan... Um…” She paused to tally on her fingers. “…I touched up a Celtic knot for a lady, and I worked on a larger piece for one of my regulars.” “What was it?” Lee asked, intrigued with the way her face softened when she thought about her work. “Oh, it’s a dragon. Pretty big.” Wren drew a serpentine shape across her chest. “A piece like that needs to be worked on in stages, so we did some of the shading today.” He had more questions. He could have stood there listening to her all night, but the rational part of his brain told him to give it a rest. They were in the middle of the grocery store. If he wanted to talk to her more, he should ask her out for coffee. But you can’t ask her out. You’re seeing someone. “You’re really talented. I’m sure you stay pretty busy. You seem…” He couldn’t find the words for what he wanted to say. He wanted to tell her that she seemed like the kind of person he could talk to — listen to — for hours. And that he would’ve liked the chance. That she was special, and he knew it. “…you seem perfect — I mean... you are unique.” He didn’t question why she stared at him with unblinking eyes. What the hell had he just said? She was perfect? Who talked like that? But in the seconds after he’d blurted out the words, he watched her eyes light with a smile — a surprised and genuine smile, and he realized he didn’t regret the words at all. “Um... thank you?” What had been pink on her cheeks was now scarlet, and Lee thought he might have turned a little pink, too. “I should let you get back to your shopping,” he said, clearing his throat. He didn’t want to walk away. Maybe if he just stood there, she’d leave first, and he’d be able to watch her go. “Yeah…” She didn’t move. Neither of them moved. “…yeah, I should go.” “It was great running into you,” he said in a rush. “I’m glad you are feeling better.” “It was nice running into you, too, Dr.—” “Lee,” he interjected. She bit her lip and smiled. “Lee,” she said with a nod. “It was so nice, Lee.” It was selfish. He’d made her say his name and, again, as he knew he would, he felt a stirring — like fingers running down his sternum. He’d never liked the sound of his name so much. “Wren,” he said with a nod, liking the feel of her name on his tongue even more. “Goodnight.” She turned and left him.

About the Author
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Stephanie Fournet | JenHalliganPR.comStephanie Fournet, author of Fall Semester, Legacy, and Butterfly Ginger, lives in Lafayette, Louisiana—not far from the Saint Streets where her novels are set. She shares her home with her husband John and her daughter Hannah, their needy dogs Gladys and Mabel, and an immortal blue finch named Baby Blue. When she isn’t writing romance novels, she is usually helping students get into college or running. She loves hearing from fans, so look for her on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and


Monday, March 21, 2016

Surprise Surprise Surprise: Blackbird Summer Is Available in Paperback!

Don't you just love it when
stumble across good news? That is what happened to me today. My publisher was expecting for the paperback version of Blackbird Summer to be available on Tuesday (tomorrow), but when doing a little clicking over on Amazon (ya know---also known as procrastinating) I happened to find out that the paperback is out TODAY! A day earlier than anticipated! The ebook will still be released on the scheduled day of April 5th--but if you are wanting to hold the book in your hand and see it on your shelf- you can order your copy today. Just click right HERE.

Stay tuned and check back- I hope to do a pretty awesome give-away soon. In the meantime- here is the blurb to Blackbird Summer:

 When the world fears you, being Gifted is a curse. 

In the cornerstone of the rural south, Brooklyn, Mississippi, no one dares make eye contact with the strange Caibre family. Until the rewards are worth the cost. The townsfolk come, cash in hand, always at night, to pay for services only a Gifted can provide. 
No matter the Gifts prevalent in her family, at twenty-one, Tallulah is expected to follow the path laid out for her: marriage, babies, and helping her mama teach the family home school program. She’s resigned to live the quiet life and stay out of trouble…until she meets Logan. 
An outsider and all around rebel, Logan doesn’t care about her family’s reputation. Yet after a tragic loss wreaks havoc on the crumbling relationship between the Caibres and the townsfolk, Tallulah must decide if love and freedom are worth risking everything.

Here is one of the songs from the playlist that I wore out while writing Blackbird Summer:

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